Maria is a fantastic therapist, she was kind, patient and empathetic which helped me open up and overcome some really traumatic experiences. She was professional at all times and explained the process of therapy from the assessment all the way through. I felt safe that I was in good hands.

Since Autumn of 2019 I’ve been engaged in EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) a therapy conducted by Maria in order to help me overcome a long standing condition of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and depression brought on through years of dealing with the unidentified PTSD. Delving into one’s own mind, into the deepest and darkest memories is difficult to do but when one feels ‘armed’ with defensive measures or ‘tethered’ to a safe place, this challenge is made easier. The best way I can describe the overall process of EMDR therapy is to relate it to physiotherapy: As a sportsman I have suffered with the pain brought on by knots that develop in muscles, as they get tighter, everything else around that area gets more sensitive and painful as the body tries to protect the troubled area. This is what I feel happened to me over the years and as the pain increased, I became more sensitive on a broader scale until even simple everyday tasks became very difficult to face. When a good physiotherapist massages a knotted muscle, the pain is removed and the freedom of movement returns. This is exactly how I feel since having the opportunity to work with Maria using EMDR as the tool to fix the pain. Not only are my thoughts clearer and more positive but ‘those memories’ (which can sadly never leave us) are no longer connected to powerful or overwhelming emotional discomfort. I feel freedom from the grasp I felt those memories would always have on me. EMDR is a remarkable process and I would entirely recommend it, not least for the fact that it is truly fascinating and quite a liberating experience. My thanks to Maria for her expertise and her professionalism in her practice.

Therapy was really good for me I am really happy I meet you but you listened to me and knew where to interrupt and tell me some conclusion. You managed to see where I was scared by listening and really understanding because I could, I could tell so much. I didn't think I had hard childhood, I always thought I was not good enough now I know I was a very good child and tried very hard but my parents never noticed it.